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9.11.2008 Track Racing, Landskrona Royal Canin Saluki Race

Aziz Chameh: 1st place 480m 35,99

Aziz Chameh Aziz Chameh (red)

26.10.2008 Track Racing, Alingsås Royal Canin Saluki Sprint

Aziz Chameh: 1st place 301m 22,59

19.10.2008 Track Racing, Alingsås Royal Canin Saluki Sprint

Aziz Chameh: 1st place 301m 22,15

Aziz Chameh (blue)

Aziz Chameh with her father Al-Shen Naar El Shaitaan

18.10.2008 Lure Coursing, Hailuoto

Aziz Badi: 1/40 CAC
Aziz Baji: 3/40 CAC
Aziz Qaside: 6/40 CQ

28.9.2008 Track Racing, Tampere GP Race

Aziz Uzziah: 1st place 480m
Aziz Qaside: 2nd place 480m

Aziz Qaside & Uzziah

Aziz Qaside & Uzziah

27.9.2008 Lure Coursing, Helsinki Sighthound Club Race

Aziz Baji: 1/48 CAC Helsinki Kenneldistrict's Winner
Aziz Qaside: 4/48 CQ
Aziz Qadim: 13/48 CQ

Aziz Baji

Aziz Baji

13.9.2008 Lure Coursing, Kuopio

Aziz Yadawari: 5/17 CQ
Aziz Velayat: 7/17 CQ
Aziz Uzziah: 9/17 CQ

7.9.2008 Track Racing, Turku TVK CUP

Aziz Qadim: 1st place 480m Turku Cup Winner

Aziz Qadim

Aziz Qadim 1st place

30.8.2008 Lure Coursing, Harjavalta

Aziz Qadim: Veterans: 2nd place & CAC

Great success for Qaside again!

17.8.2008 Track Racing, Finnish Championship

Aziz Qaside: 3rd place

26.-27.7.2008 Lure Coursing, European Championship, Sweden

Aziz Qaside: 2/31 & res-CACIL The best Finnish Saluki on the field

13.7.2008 Lure Coursing, Finnish Lure Coursing Championship & Derby 2008

Aziz Qaside: 1 CQ Winner of the Finnish Lure Coursing & Derby Veteran Championship, VMM-08

2.7.2008 International Track Racing Competition, Nordic Championship
Helsinki, Saluki World Congress

Aziz Qaside: 34,74 1. CACIL, Nordic Racing Winner 2008, PM-08

26.5.2008 International Lure Coursing Competition
Mustiala, Saluki World Congress, 57 Salukis entered

Aziz Valei: 4/31 CACIL, CQ (-> Int CH)
Aziz Qaside: 16/31 CQ
Aziz Velayat: 21/31 CQ

Aziz Qadim: 5/21 CQ

(Aziz Valei is the fourth International Working Champion in Finland! Two of them are Aziz Salukis; Qaside and Valei)

Aziz Valei Aziz Qadim

Aziz Valei / Aziz Qadim

Lure Coursing European Championship, Sweden 26-27 July

Aziz Qaside and Aziz Valei in the Finnish team,
Aziz Qadim reserve-place.

17.5.2008 Lure Coursing Harjumaa, Estonia

Aziz Mahtab: 1st, Veteran Championship EVMM-08

(at the age of 10 years)

Aziz Mahtab Aziz Qadim

Aziz Mahtab

17.5.2008 Lure Coursing, Lieto

Aziz Qadim: 4/39 CAC Kenneldistrict's Winner
Aziz Qaside: 7/39 CQ
Aziz Valei: 14/39 CQ
Aziz Xalife: 22/39 CQ

Aziz Qadim

Aziz Qadim

11.5.2008 Lure Coursing CVM

Aziz Valei: 2/12 CAC, Fin S Est LC CH!
Aziz Qaside: 6/12 CQ

Aziz Valei

Aziz Valei

3.5.2008 Lure Coursing, Kajaani

Aziz Valei: 1/13 CAC (best points of the day)
Aziz Sardar: 4/13 CQ

8.3.2008 Lure Coursing, Mustiala

Aziz Sardar: 5/23 CQ